Helping people to increase their value


Product designer focused on user experience, currently working as a freelancer.

Previously, I've worked on various projects creating internal applications for IKEA, Clear Channel e Inditex.

I've also worked for QuickSmile as the lead designer for the submission case platform.

Apart from the design world, I enjoy reading, playing video games, and the stationery world. I also love capturing moments from my day-to-day life and travels through photography.

Helping people to
increase their value


A Soft Murmur

"A Soft Murmur" is an application that I use a lot to generate background sounds, so I redesigned it.


A social network to track the books you have, are currently reading, and want to read, as well as those of the people you follow. There is also the option to create book clubs where you can participate in a reading group.

Food lovers

A website to view various food recipes, where you can save your favorite recipes and read a blog about different culinary techniques.


An application to aggregate various car rental operators offering "carsharing" services, featuring a map displaying available rental vehicles, their prices, and distances to their locations.