A chat inspo I did for fun.


Because of NDA, I could not share one of the projects where I have worked for the longest time, a car-sharing application where you can choose different operators and hire their services without needing several other applications. Here is the redesign I did of that application to add it to my portfolio.


The conceptual idea of a dashboard.


A simple idea of a menu to practice.


Plantz is a personal idea. From my first projects, you can see the evolution. It is an application that allows you to control the state of your plants.


Bookz is a personal project. The idea is that of a social network of books, where you can record your TBR, give your opinion, have groups with people with similar tastes, etc. At first, it was to have a compilation of the books he had read to me, but it iterated into something much bigger.


Food is the redesign of a recipe website that I was working on. The functionality of the web is quite simple. It allows you to see recipes and save your favorite recipes.


I use the A soft murmur app a lot, and it inspired me to create a little redesign.


As a K-POP fan, I was inspired one day by BLACKPINK and designed two screens of what would be a music app.


Another of my first projects, "coffee-app," is a relatively simple application that helps you find coffee shops near you and that also says if they have different services such as Wi-Fi, vegan dishes, etc.